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TouchUp Vip is an application that connects content creators with sexters from all over the world, who commercialize their adult content to reach more customers than ever, also in many other countries.

A digital tool that provides its clients with a support network and contacts aimed at professionalizing and moderating the industry, to cleanse it of those who do not add value or promote good practices.

Content creation
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Maria a 24 year old Argentine who a few months ago started offering adult content. She has clients all over the country, as well as some in Uruguay and Chile. Maria is thrilled with her work because she is making more money every day. The downside is that she can’t keep up with the number of clients she manages, and her earnings have reached a plateau.

One night she meets a colleague, Juana, who has been selling content for years, and tells her about her situation. Juana connects her with Pedro, a Spanish Sexter who manages Juana’s profile and other content creators. Pedro creates a profile for her on Spanish websites, responds to all her requests, chats with potential clients pretending to be Juana, and sells the content to interested parties. He charges a commission for this work.

Maria starts working with Pedro… and soon she is doubling her earnings!
Now that she doesn’t have to sell her content herself, language is no longer a barrier. So she comes up with an idea. How can she hire a Sexter to sell her content also in English? Is it possible to sell her content in many countries at the same time?

Good news, Maria! You’ve come to Touch Up.
We’ll take care of it now.

With our platform, you’ll be able to hire Bruce to sell your content in English. Bruce can advertise you on pages to reach customers from the USA, Canada, and Australia. But you can also hire Francesco, Frank, and Haruto, who will sell your content in Italian, German, and Japanese, respectively.

You’ll be able to work with many Sexters, compare them, and rate them.
Best of all, none of them can view your content, although they have access to send it to the customers who are paying for your content through our flagship tool: the Giftcard.
You’ll multiply your earnings, working less and taking the utmost care of your content.

But your relationship with Touch Up doesn’t end here. As we care about our Content Creators and know them deeply, we help them find the best prices and promotions so that you can treat yourself, thanks to Touch Up Agency: flights, accommodations, clothing, technology.

Besides, you can also invest in your business: professional cameras, professional photographers and studios, make-up artists, extensions and hairdressing, and also lingerie. If you do better, so do we.
Touch Up is your ideal partner. Trust us. We’ll take good care of you.

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For Content Creators:

  1. Massive Content Sales: Facilitate contact with Sexters to sell your content in many places where you may not currently have access to, with no language or time limits. Let your income grow exponentially!
  2. Information: Which Sexters perform best? Who can sell more content to more clients? We provide a review system so that you can choose the Sexter that best suits you.
  3. Privacy: Control over the content you sell. Until the final client pays for the content, no one has access to it. Not even your Sexters – only you!
  4. Payment Logistics: We’re your trusted collector. We receive the money that clients pay for your content from different parts of the world and send it to your account.
  5. Promotions: With the points earned from the selling of your content, you can the cash or use it in the app for trips, accommodation, and various services. Our agency makes sure that you get the best options.
  6. Blacklist: You surely still manage some clients personally. Share with other Content Creators who the unwanted clients are. We want a community without disrespectful people. Let’s avoid bad experiences.

For Sexters:

  1. Client Flow: Many content creators are looking for Sexters to sell their content worldwide. It could be you! Provide excellent service and gain new clients through reviews.
  2. Reviews: Which content creators give better tips for the service? Which profiles have better content to sell? When you’re the best, you can choose the best profiles, and your earnings will multiply.
  3. Payment Logistics: We’re your trusted collector. We receive the commission you deserve for the money clients pay for the content and send it to your account.

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For Content Creators:

Free: 60% of the sale of your content is yours!

Princess Membership: You keep 70% of the content sale!

Queens Membership: 80% of the content is yours!

For Sexters:

Free: Your commission is 10% for each content you sell!

Premium: You earn 20% of all the content you sell!

Any doubts?


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